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What’s it like in the Boxes?

We bumped into someone who has one of the finest views of the cricket and it’s air conditioned meaning only one thing, they’re in a box. The boxes on Radcliffe Road are usually reserved for corporate businessmen and are treated to a amazing view exactly behind the bowlers arm.

Here Come The Drums

Samba Drummer

The Samba Drummers, volunteers of the activation team here at Trent Bridge cooled down the fans during the break of this afternoon’s play. Team Leader and Lead Drummer, Neil McCarthy shares his experience of playing the drums in front of thousands.

A Warm Reception


Usually the first faces people see when walking into Trent Bridge are those of Kate Skerry and Catherine Waite. These are the women behind the main reception and are always happy to help.

Kate Skerry has seen some unusual things during her time behind the front desk, “We’ve had two men on stilts trying to get into the lift!”. Dealing with interesting characters is just another day on the job “being able to help with their inquiries, answering random questions is absolutely wonderful”. Being modest about her role, Kate believes that a difference can be made every day, even when the Ashes moves to Lords for the second test match.

“Every single match, every single customer, every single game, every single ball, it doesn’t matter they’re all treated the same. We bend over backwards to look after our customers and we always smile sweetly and hope everybody has a wonderful time. Regardless of what kind of format it is or how long the format is”.


A Fine Time For Wine


A summer spent outside is commonly complimented by a glass of wine in hand and nothing has changed in that sense here at Trent Bridge. Laithwaite’s Wine Stand Manager, Andy understands this more than most and explains the interesting differences in the taste palates of the fans.

Ashes Podcast: Australian Fans’ Perspective

It’s a mere 10,557 miles from Sydney, Australia to the capital of London so you can only hope the Australian fans in Trent Bridge are relieved to be finally sitting down. Having arrived in the expectation of being labelled “barbecue lovers” they certainly took it in their stride and nailed their “posh” British accents. In the pleasure of some memorable cricket it’s safe to say that our cousins down under share the renowned dry sense of humour.

Ashes Podcast: England Fans’ Perspective

The fans are in high spirits after some impressive bowling from Stuart Broad and the surprising turn of events for Australia during Ashton Agar’s batting. Chanting could still be heard while spectators stopped for a bite to eat and share their opinions of the series so far.

It’s not just ticket holders enjoying themselves either as policemen and women embrace the welcoming change of pace of the cricket grounds from their regular duties on the beat.

Stowford Press Cider Are Looking For The Perfect Catch


Stowford Press Cider are in food court behind the William Clarke Stand all this weekend to tempt cricket fans into apple bobbing for a year’s supply of Stowford Press Cider. It’s not exactly apple bobbing but is never the less it’s a challenging test of speed, wits and reactions.

The goal is simply, step inside a giant inflatable apple and try to grab as many foam balls as possible.

Schools Out For The Ashes


The Ashes has put the eyes of the world on Trent Bridge and the staff here have taken this opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the kids of the community by putting them at the forefront of the action.

Schools Development Offices at Trent Bridge, Alan Harrison, tells us about the huge interest the Urn has brought to Schools looking to get involved on the grounds.

“We have two county schools, which are a couple of our Asda County finalists. There’s also a club from our Ashes trophy competition, the prize being part of our guard of honour.” he said.

“As soon as you mention the opportunity to come to the ashes they jump at the chance and it is amazing how many hoops schools and clubs will jump through to come here. Two of the schools in particular only got notified last friday so the fact that they were here yesterday and today is just fantastic.”