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A Chat With Robin Chipperfield

IMG_7763 (640x427)We chat to BBC Radio Commentator Robin Chipperfield about his 16 years of reporting from the best seat in the house, and just manage to catch the second wicket falling at Trent Bridge.


Feeling Hot Hot Hot


As Nottingham gears up to a summer of international cricket at Trent Bridge, its not only the weather that’s hotting up but also the vibrancy and options of eateries available to us on big match days.

Throughout the excitement of the fourth ODI and The Ashes in August, the festival caterers, Taste of India are bringing their culinary delights to the home of cricket.

With Chicken Balti and Tikka Masala to name but a few, their options are endless and will hopefully leave cricket fans with an alternative to the standard burger and chips to accompany their pint.

Their second appearance at Trent Bridge in as many years has seen a real rise in profile for the company and they feel they are making forward steps, opening cricket fans eyes to the other culinary delights that are available on match days.

Derek’s One Day Delight

Ex England cricketer Derek Pringle took part in the TwelthMan Q&A session earlier this afternoon. He expressed his delight of England’s current style of play and the squads potential for the future. He also said he is excited for what today’s game has to offer.

Pringle said “the ball moves around here in Nottingham, especially with some cloud cover, but with both teams playing with confidence, expect fireworks”. He also said “England need to put the last two games behind them, it’s a new day and i think we’re in for a thriller.”

A Third Man Insight

Everyone who follows cricket has an opinion on team lineups, their performances and also umpire decisions. Whether its arguing ‘ that’s definitely out” or ‘no chance, missing leg’, everybody has a say and that’s one of many things that brings people together in discussion over this wonderful sport.

The different backgrounds of cricket fans is always a fascinating one on international match days, and a fan who was especially interesting today was a man from Leicestershire whose best friend is controlling the third man box today.

The technology used in modern sport is second to none and the way it is used in cricket is no exception. And thought it has certainly improved the accuracy of umpires decisions, there’s no doubting there will still be plenty of fans debate that third mans decisions later today.

Behind The Scenes: Before Start Of Play

Dagnall expects runs


Ex Leicestershire and Warwickshire cricketer, Charles Dagnall is expecting big things in todays fourth ODI between England and New Zealand. With England needing a victory to avoid a series defeat, Dagnall thinks England can learn from recent mistakes and win here at trent bridge.

Dagnall said: “It’s always a fantastic atmosphere here at trent bridge and hopefully the players can give the fans something to cheer.”

He’s also awaiting big runs for both teams but believes England will come out on top.

Bats, hats and autographs

Nicola, Jake and Alistair are new to merchandising, Nicola usually works as a steward at Trent Bridge, and for Jake and Alistair it is their first day here. Not that it has stopped them from doing a brisk trade in different items.

Their most popular item is the new ‘lion’ T-shirt, which has the latest England ODI brand, and sells for £50. Like the other merchandise stalls around the ground they sell small bats, hats and autograph books. As we talk to them another wave of customers arrive; it looks like it will be a busy afternoon for the merchandise team.

Lunch is Served!

Woodhead Hall

The Woodhead Hall is an unlikely setting for a large social event. Normally it is used for indoor net practice for the Nottinghamshire players, but today it is acting as the venue for lunch for the clubs members and their guests.

There is a lively buzz about the place as former players and club members meet and greet each other. Kenneth Clarke, the local MP and longtime member of the club enters with a cheery hello.

He is followed by Peter Wynne-Thomas, the keeper of the Trent Bridge library and author of several books on the history of cricket. As we wait for the game to start, the Nottinghamshire members and their guests enjoy the hospitality that the club provides to al with a love of cricket.