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Jubilation at Trent Bridge

Delighted England fans celebrated with joy as the players depart the field for tea after a fantastic final  20 minutes. I was talking to a couple of England fans just before lunch after 4 quick wickets.The father and son said “we needed a couple of wickets to liven the crowd up and that’s exactly what the boys gave us.”

The young lad said “I’ve had a really good day and hopefully England can get a couple more wickets”.

After a long afternoon session with Rogers and Warner putting on 113 opening partnership, the crowd were getting down, so a breakthrough was needed.

Being down there in the stand, it seems like there is much more of a buzz after a few quick wickets. The crowd is enjoying it, will they see England win tonight?

Life on the outside

With the Test match bandwagon rolling into Trent Bridge this week, it gives great excitement to local businesses and restaurants. For those fortunate enough to be at the match they would have seen the exquisite and delicious food stalls there are around the ground.

However the opportunity to catch up with supermarket giants Co-op situated outside the ground and find out how such a sporting event effects them was something not to be missed.

“With breaks in play, we get huge rushes of people, coming in for cheaper drinks and sandwiches” said an employee. He also said that “its fantastic for business and always keeps us nice and busy when the crickets on.”

View from the lens

There is around 25 photographers around Trent Bridge today, who will be snapping away for the remainder of the match. After yesterdays carnage of 60 all out, some would have been worrying about a lack of pictures. Luckily after Australia’s slight recovery in the second innings, they provided plenty of opportunities to snap the perfect pic.

I wanted to see what is was like being a photographer, so i went out to speak to one who is sitting in front of the Radcliffe road stand. “I feel privileged to be able to sit at one of England’s best grounds and just sit down pitchside and take pictures of the Ashes. It’s tiring sitting here for a potential five days, but this series has been very enjoyable and hopefully i can get some good pictures this afternoon.”

Stuart Broad’s surprised face yesterday was in papers as a popular pic from yesterday, can that be recreated with some England magic in the last two sessions? Only time will tell

Divided by two passports


So for those fortunate to be at the Radcliffe road end of Trent Bridge during the lunch break would have been fortunate to see ex England and Surrey man Adam Hollioake joining the TwelthMan stand for an enjoyable lunchtime Q & A.

For those of you who aren’t aware, to the ear Adam Hollioake has a strong Aussie accent, however he did represent England and has both an Australian and British passport. So when asked where his allegiancies lie when the two countries meet at sport he treaded very carefully as to not offend either.

However as an ex England player and the home side romping towards victory he quickly said ” Im an England man, I’ve played with some of these guys”. He closed by saying how fantastic its going to be to bring the Ashes back to English shores. Good choice of words Adam…..

Trent Bridge volunteers

Whilst we applaud the England players on the pitch, we should also take time to thank the many volunteers who keep things running all around Trent Bridge during internationals such as this Ashes fourth test.

We caught up with a number of volunteers who have been working all around the concourse to see what they get up to on a match day. listen below.