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Out of The Ashes …


… Will come a great legacy for Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge and the game as a whole.  Tracey Francis, Head of Community Sport for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club spoke to us about the Ashes Legacy Partnership.  This scheme has been vital to secure the future of Trent Bridge as a Test Match ground, and has shown some real benefits for the local community.   Tracey told us that “The Club have always been committed to affecting change in challenging circumstances.  We are working with our partners at Lords and Durham to leave a positive legacy from the Ashes for local people.”

The Final Decision


As the crowd waited for the umpire’s decision, we captured the final minutes of this nail biting test, from Anderson bowling to the final result being announced.

They are My Heroes!


Says William Roberts, aged 11 from Welton in Lincolnshire.  He has got the autographs of several England players. It’s the first time that he and his dad, Clive, have come to an Ashes test.  Clive told us “Yesterday was a great day, especially the session after tea.”  He went on to praise the staff and volunteers at Trent Bridge for making this a great occasion “Its a really good homely atmosphere.  The players have been great as well in the way they have reacted to the fans”.  Son William agrees, and will treasure his memories and his autographed bat.

The Umpires Decision is Final!


In a match with it’s fair share of controversial umpiring decisions, its good to meet a fan who supports the umpires right to have the final say.  The fan in question is 14 year old Sam Stringfellow from Retford, who umpires for his school cricket team.  He is here today with his family, dad Michael, mum Marie and sister Daisy.  He has been at the match all week, apart from Saturday.  He told us his opinion of the Broad  controversy  ”I agree that Broad was right not to walk.  The umpires decision is final!”   When not umpiring, Sam is the scorer for his local team, Ordsall Bridon, who will be cheering England on today.


I Believe in England


“But then I always believe England will win”  says Paula Williams from Long Eaton.  She sits in the pavilion area in her wheelchair.  ”What I like about Trent Bridge” she told us, “Is that the staff are always very helpful, and they remember me, which makes me feel very welcome”.    Paula has been  a member of Nottinghamshire Cricket Club since 1999, and always believes that Nottinghamshire will win.  Unfortunately she isn’t always right, but perhaps today her belief in England will be well founded.

‘It’s the first day of my Ashes tour’



Anthony may be a wheelchair user, but it hasn’t stopped him embarking on an ambitious tour of different Ashes matches.  He is at Trent Bridge today, with his mate Mike. “It’s the second time I’ve been to Trent Bridge”  he told Brian Fairchild.  ”I came last year.  The ground is good for disabled people, and the facilities have been improved on since then.  Being a Londoner, I love Lords, but this is my second favourite ground, as it’s a good mix of traditional and modern buildings, and has a good fan based environment”.  After Trent Bridge Anthony is planning to visit Lords, Old Trafford and The Oval, before flying out to Sydney for England’s winter tour.  ”This game has been  a brilliant start to my Ashes tour.”

A Polite Reminder To Anyone Driving Home ..


.. Don’t drink and drive! Nottinghamshire Police are reminding all Ashes fans not to drink and drive. Their campaign is headed by a 11 metre high display screen. The sign features a short video, which pulls no punches in the message it conveys to anyone passing. The County Council are also backing the campaign.  Zena Oliver, Principal Road Safety Officer told us

“Traditionally, drink-drive campaigns have always been held over the Christmas period but actually the danger is there all year round – and especially in the summer months.”

After watching todays game, take care and have a safe journey home.




It’s Like An Australian Winter!


The Reid family are here on holiday from Perth, Australia.  They  are enjoying the fine weather during the match, although as dad Tim jokes “It’s just like winter for us!”  They have enjoyed what they describe as an ‘amazing’ three days of cricket.  Isaac, Tim’s son, is proudly wearing a ‘Broad Appeal’ T-Shirt, which has been autographed by Chris Broad. Mum, Christine is also enjoying her first visit to Nottingham. “We will manage to see a bit of the second test before we go home, but this has been a great start to our holiday”.