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Fans Gallery

Did our photographer manage to snap you in the crowd today?

Tickets Please

You would have come across these people today, in fact every time you come and watch the cricket.

Dressed in bright green outside the gates are the stewards who are taking tickets to let you into the ground. An important job for any event.

We spoke to a steward on the pavillion gate, who said “I┬álove doing this job, i’m a big fan of cricket and Trent Bridge is such a superb ground.

“The atmosphere is always buzzing, especially when we are hosting an Ashes series. After what happened yesterday, everyones expecting England to dominate, what a day to be here.”

You’ll see these guys all around the ground. Here from the start to say hello and at the end of the day to say goodbye.

One hand on the Urn

“One hand on the Urn”, “One hand on the Urn” was the cry from the members’ stand at 10.45am this morning. A gentlemen by the name of Mr Merritt, dressed in a summer suit and straw hat was preaching his word to fans and players as they entered the pitch.

His enthusiasm was visible for all to see and with his mock up Ashes in tow, brings great delight to English fans as you feel the real Ashes will be back on English soil very soon.

One hand on the urn

Put another tasty italian lunch on the barbie

With culinary delights from around the world available at sports venues nowadays, it was no surprise to see Italian giants Carluccios moving in and showing what they can offer on the world sporting stage.

So for those who were organised and fancied an Italian on day one of the fourth Ashes test delight whilst watching the cricket, Carluccios offered the answer. Providing a premium package, the top end of sporting dining on match days available in a pic-nic has gone down a treat with the Notttinghamshire faithful.

No sizzle in the selection…..

After a morning of carnage and devastation from the England bowlers, the question on the mind of most watching, especially the Australians, is why the change in team dynamic? Dropping Marsh for his brother and bringing in a batsman for an all rounder has somewhat perplexed onlookers, especially with the way the test has gone. With Clarke having little or no say in the selection of his team and struggling for form, is this the end for the Aussie great?

No Gin? Beer will have to do.

Fancy dress is now part and parcel of a day out at the test match and the fourth Investec Ashes test at Trent Bridge is no different. From Batman and Robin to the Sky Sports commentary team, test match cricket brings all sorts of fancy dress out and this morning was no different as I stumbled upon four beefeaters queuing for a beer. “No gin”, they said “but plenty of beer”.

“Oh and plenty of Aussie wickets”, as the tourists slumped to 60 all out. What a day out!