Larwood And Voce Prepared For Action

No business knows the impact of an Ashes test like one that is situated so closely to the ground.
The Larwood and Voce is one of the best examples, with their top bar backing on to the ground and providing a great view of proceedings.

With the Ashes just around the corner, the whole pub and especially General Manager Dan Cramp are awaiting their busiest part of the year.

“We have different bars that we run out during big matches and all of them will be in full force come the Ashes,” Dan said.

“There is a cellar bar and upstairs is open for the white-ball games but international matches are huge and you get a lot more upstairs so it is all hands on deck.

“We have to double up on staff with all bars being staffed with three or four on match days.

“International matches are huge and you get a lot more upstairs so it is all hands on deck.” Dan Cramp, General Manager

“Add to that breakfast time, where seven or eight staff will be needed instead of the usual three or four and you are looking at about 15 to run the site each day.

“It is never a problem though as you get people on board and everyone works hard to ensure it is run smoothly.”

Away from the pub, Dan realises the importance of these matches for the club and the surrounding businesses in West Bridgford.

“It is good for everyone as I say the ground is one of the best venues in Britain and everyone knows that.

“With so many stylish pubs and restaurants we all do well so it’s very important for big matches in order to keep them in the spotlight.

“The same applies to elsewhere in Nottingham. An increased amount of people will always help businesses and we are quite lucky as Bridgford is a busy site and we are situated near a cracking venue.

“It is happy days for everyone!”