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Media Watch

Tom Fordyce, BBC Chief Sports Writer

“Some days of Test cricket are played out in half-empty stadiums, the weather grey, the cricket stodgy. Walking round Trent Bridge this morning is the complete, joyous opposite – thousands of beaming faces, the smell of sun-cream and cold lager, the sun bright, the sky clear and the cricket thrilling. There can be few happier places in the country today.”

England Scorer Roger ‘The Duke’ Marshall Podcast


Live Update

England v Australia: 1st Investec Ashes Test - Day OneFormer England captain Nasser Hussain on Sky Sports Ashes HD.

“Australia were very good to realize at lunchtime they that they needed to it a bit further outside off-stump.”

Former England Captain Andrew Strauss on Prior’s dismissal, Sky Sports Ashes HD.

“His strength has also been his downfall on this occasion”

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